Monday, 30 April 2012

I love rain!

I just love rainy days, because then I can have a guilt free scrapbooking day. 

I started this page at Craft Den last year (or the year before) but did not finish it as I did not really have any suitable photos to go with it.

The photo below is of two brothers George and Garnett Wilson.  George married Evelyn (who was his cousin and also my grandmother's sister) and they could not have any children.  Garnett was in WW2 and was killed only weeks after his marriage

This photo shows George and Garnett as boys with their parents.  Their mother was the sister of my great-grandmother.
As my uncle used to say "Our family were very inter-married, hence the insanity!"

Friday, 13 April 2012

Too Many Scraps!!

Since I retired, I have been trying to get my craft room organised, and it is looking better, but I have just got too many scraps. As I was brought up to "use every scrap up" and "waste not, want not", this is a problem to me, as I cannot just throw them away. I put all the patterned scraps in a box and today pulled out all the pinks and made the layout below and, as I work in two page layouts, a mirror image layout as well. All the scraps were cut in half and then I just played around with them. The top right hand scrap is a lustre fabric for scrapbooking (which I have had ages and cannot remember where it came from) and the plain rectangle below it was a lustre finish envelope from a birthday card. The small scrap with hearts on top of it covers where my name was written on the envelope. The other scrap with hearts on it is a piece of ribbon, again too nice to bin.

So I now have a double page layout waiting to be used.

I found three more larger scraps that went together well and made this layout. It is not obvious from the photo, but the circle paper has yellow circles on it the same colour as the background.

I just happened to have photos that went well with these layouts, so here are the finished pages.

I am determined now to carry on making layouts every time my pile of scraps gets too big.