Sunday, 29 January 2012

Granny Blossom's Sisters

Granny Blossom was the youngest of the Uttley sisters. This page shows Evelyn, the middle sister. She worked for MacConachies Pickles and was the only person who held the recipe for their Pan Yan pickle. She and husband never had any children.

The bottom right photo shows Evelyn, Granny Blossom, their friend Nora, and my Granny Allison.

Alice was the eldest of the sisters and stayed at home to look after their father. She would not get married until he died and when he died she and her long term boyfrient married. They were both aged 48, so like her sisters, she did not have any children.

They were all such loving, gentle women, and would have made wonderful mothers and grand-mothers.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Scrapbooking weekend

It is such a rare sight for my crafting desk to be this tidy that I thought I ought to take a photo for posterity. I spent about three hours yesterday tidying about a quarter of my crafting room, but my desk was particulary bad. A couple of months ago I bought the drawer unit that my computer screen is sitting on. Not only has it given me more storage, but when I am not using the keyboard I can put it on top of the drawers so I have room to have a 12" x 12" paper at the back of my desk, but room to work in front of it.

Although I have not had much crafting time over the last couple of months I have been concentrating on family history scrapbooking. This page shows my Granny Blossom.

I like to work in two page layouts, and this is the page before the one above. The top photo is of Granny Blossom and her two older sisters and her father. It was taken around the time the girls mother died. I assume the other photo was taken when Alice, the eldest was 21, as she is wearing a more "grown up" dress than Evelyn and Hilda. Granny Blossom's real name was Hilda, but because she always called me "her little blossom", I always called her Granny Blossom.

My actual grandmother died about 15 years before I was born. My grandfather later married Hilda, who was in fact a distant relative of his. Although she was only my step-grandma, Granny Blossom was the best grandma in the world.