Monday, 1 August 2011

My new bag

My creative friend Joanne made this bag nearly a year ago from a Moda Bake pattern, and she seems to use it all the time, so I thought I might need one too. Well you can never have too many bags can you. I usually have a really tiny bag, but wanted something that was big enough to take a packed lunch in, but not overly big.

I have made two pockets inside the bag, one for my phone and the other for my purse. It's first official outing will be when I go to the Festival of Quilts in August.

Anyone who knows me will not be surprised that I have used blue fabrics. Thanks for the inspiration Joanne.

I had not had a sewing day for ages, but managed to get one last Friday, when I made this. Hope I can squeeze another one into the summer holidays.

1 comment:

  1. The bag looks brill, can't wait for its 1st outing!