Friday, 11 June 2010

Rainy days

I just love rainy days, and we have had plenty of those this week. Instead of working in my allotment, rain days mean I can concentrate on crafting. I have just finished this book for my youngest grand-daughter for her First Christmas.

I made the book over a year ago at a workshop Lynne ran at Craft Den, but have only just got around to using it for a project.

Some of the pages have a pocket half way down for extra photos and others have a pull out tag for journalling.

I really enjoyed making this book and hope Katie will enjoy looking at it when she is older.


  1. That looks brill Norma! I am very pround of you too for doing your second post all on your own....I told you it wasn't very hard this blogging stuff x

  2. Hi Norma - Found your blog! I love the little book you made - its gorgeous. Look forward to seeing your layout from last night on here! Natasha x